The general operations page hosts important information such as forms, frequently asked questions, licensing information, and our video production code.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Nosiphus?

A: Nosiphus is a lot of things, but in general, it's a group of friends working to make interesting stuff.

Q: What is Telkit?

A: Telkit is a brand name we use to refer to our newest lines of Minecraft modpacks. The latest release, the 1.19.2-based Telkit IV, powers the current Nosiphus Modded Server.

Q: What is NosPack/are the Nosiphus Required Mods/is the Nosiphus Pack o' Fun?

A: These are older modpacks that powered older versions of the Nosiphus Modded Server many years ago.

Q: Can I join the Nosiphus Modded Server?

A: While the server IP addresses are built-in to the Nosiphus modpacks, we enforce a whitelist. If you wish to join the server, you will have to specifically request access to it. If you are approved to join the current server, install Telkit IV.

Q: Can I request access to one of the older servers?

A: The older Nosiphus servers still exist, but do not run most of the time to allow the current server to use most of the resources. If you are whitelisted and wish to access an older server, let us know.

Q: What is the server world seed?

A: Using the world generator that existed from 1.2.1 to 1.6.4, you can generate our map using the seed -5517325077632123817.