A Conversation of Beatles #1s

Billy Shears: Hey Jude, Eleanor Rigby told me that she has Something to say to you.

Jude: She wants us to Come Together? Truth be told, I Feel Fine on my own.

Billy Shears: I talked to her Yesterday. It's clear that She Loves You.

Jude: I've been down The Long and Winding Road with her. Eight Days A Week, I had A Hard Day's Night. I guess We Can Work It Out if we give it a try.

Billy Shears: From Me To You, she's definitely better for you than Lady Madonna ever could have hoped to have been. That woman was a Day Tripper.

Jude: No arguing about that. She's had a Ticket To Ride for a while now. She may be try to buy a lot of things, but she Can't Buy Me Love.

Billy Shears: Hey, All You Need Is Love. So, what have you been up to lately anyway? Aren't you a Paperback Writer now?

Jude: Yes, I am. Let It Be known that I was the one who wrote that story about The Ballad of John and Yoko.

Billy Shears: You wrote that? I have to say, it was really good. Where are you living at the moment?

Jude: I've bought a house on Penny Lane. It looks like a Yellow Submarine on the inside. I haven't finished moving yet.

Billy Shears: Do you need any Help moving your stuff?

Jude: Yes, it would be much appreciated. I'm going to run ahead to the new place and get some things ready.

Billy Shears: Alright, I'll Get Back to you in about half an hour.

Eleanor Rigby: Hello, Goodbye.

Jude: Billy told me about what you said to him. Is it true?

Eleanor Rigby: Yes, Jude. I know this is rather quick, but I Want To Hold Your Hand. May I?

Jude: Of course. Come on, we gotta get to my new place so Billy can help me start moving.

Eleanor Rigby: Let's go then. As long as you Love Me Do, I don't care where we go. 

Story by Sean

Something written by George Harrison

All others written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney

Honorable mention to Ringo Starr

Performed by The Beatles