A Conversation of Beatles #1s

Billy Shears: Hey Jude, Eleanor Rigby told me that she has Something to say to you.

Jude: She wants us to Come Together? Truth be told, I Feel Fine on my own.

Billy Shears: I talked to her Yesterday. It's clear that She Loves You.

Jude: I've been down The Long and Winding Road with her. Eight Days A Week, I had A Hard Day's Night. I guess We Can Work It Out if we give it a try.

Billy Shears: From Me To You, she's definitely better for you than Lady Madonna ever could have hoped to have been. That woman was a Day Tripper.

Jude: No arguing about that. She's had a Ticket To Ride for a while now. She may be try to buy a lot of things, but she Can't Buy Me Love.

Billy Shears: Hey, All You Need Is Love. So, what have you been up to lately anyway? Aren't you a Paperback Writer now?

Jude: Yes, I am. Let It Be known that I was the one who wrote that story about The Ballad of John and Yoko.

Billy Shears: You wrote that? I have to say, it was really good. Where are you living at the moment?

Jude: I've bought a house on Penny Lane. It looks like a Yellow Submarine on the inside. I haven't finished moving yet.

Billy Shears: Do you need any Help moving your stuff?

Jude: Yes, it would be much appreciated. I'm going to run ahead to the new place and get some things ready.

Billy Shears: Alright, I'll Get Back to you in about half an hour.

Eleanor Rigby: Hello, Goodbye.

Jude: Billy told me about what you said to him. Is it true?

Eleanor Rigby: Yes, Jude. I know this is rather quick, but I Want To Hold Your Hand. May I?

Jude: Of course. Come on, we gotta get to my new place so Billy can help me start moving.

Eleanor Rigby: Let's go then. As long as you Love Me Do, I don't care where we go. 

Story by Sean Crain

Something written by George Harrison

All others written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney

Honorable mention to Ringo Starr

Performed by The Beatles