Ninth NosLabs

Built by Sean and Wyatt: Sunday, December 22, 2013


The ninth NosLabs was built to replace the eighth NosLabs, which felt cramped and wasn't easily expandable. It wasn't a particularly innovative lab in terms of its feature set, but it did introduce a few items that would become regular features of its successor.


The eighth NosLabs had been constructed in a massive open area that had been cleared out by WorldEdit, but it was still much too small. The ninth NosLabs took better advantage of that space, and then expanded out to contain more rooms and introduced some new rooms.

Feature Set

The feature set of the ninth NosLabs was similar to of the eighth, but it did have a few new features, one of which was never ported to any other lab.

Basketball Court: A primitive basketball court was added to the ninth NosLabs, and can be seen in the only screenshot of the facility ever taken during its time as the main facility. It was not full-scale, or even accurate, but it would serve as the inspiration for the tenth NosLabs' properly scaled version a few years later.

Controllable Lights: The ninth NosLabs is the only incarnation of the lab that had its entire ceiling light system toggleable, via a main power lever located behind the front desk. This feature was never added to the tenth NosLabs, and it was never backported to an older facility.

Weather Control: The ninth NosLabs introduced the time and weather control facility, which served as a central hub to control the time of day and the weather on the server. This would be extended to control seasons on the Telkit IV incarnation of the tenth NosLabs, but it was introduced with the ninth NosLabs.

Ninth NosLabs

Basketball Court

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The Mainway

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