The Nosiphus Pack o' Fun is designed for Minecraft 1.4.7, and is available via our MultiMC installation method.

The Nosiphus Pack o' Fun can run on Java 8, and you can install that from Oracle's website. However, these mods were built during the heyday of Java 7, and if you want to set up an MCPC+ server, you will need to install that version from Oracle's archives. You'll need an Oracle account to download the archived releases.

Installation Link Used'

If you ever lose the address for the Nosiphus Required Mods-based server, it is

Sphax PureBDcraft has long been the texture pack of choice for Nosiphus modpacks. If you want to use it, here are the downloads. You will need to add the copy the modded textures into the main pack.

PureBDcraft Nosiphus Pack o' Fun 128x MC14

PureBDcraft 128x MC14