Fifth NosLabs

Built by Sean and Wyatt: Monday, June 24, 2013


The earlier incarnations of NosLabs had all been titled simply "Wyatt's Lab," and had been either been located on a floor of the HQ, or been constructed as a small, one-room building on the surface. The fifth NosLabs was the first version to be built as a proper, underground facility.


After the decision had been made by Sean and Wyatt to build a proper, underground facility, they went to a nearby underground area and began to excavate it with TNT. After about an hour, they decided what they had worked on wasn't worth it, and returned to doing other things on the server. A couple days later, a third person was on with them, and Sean mentioned maybe giving a proper effort to build it again. Wyatt agreed, and mentioned he'd seen the lab in a chunk glitch, so he wouldn't have to search for it, as both had forgotten where it was.

After about two days of working on it, the fifth NosLabs was built out. It was never extended past that in its original form, and wouldn't be rebuilt using a close observation of recorded footage for nearly a decade. When the Telkit IV server came along nine years later, it was finally reconstructed and used as a linking point for the tenth NosLabs.


The feature set of the Fifth NosLabs has changed very little since its introduction, with one massive exception on its newest port.

Scrubber-Bots: We started using the VoxelBox Modern texture pack shortly after we began playing on the server regularly, and that pack turned snow golems into cleaning bots, so we built a storage area for these bots, and allowed them to roam the facility to clean it. Sean has not yet included these in YogMod, so they aren't present in Telkit IV, but they are on the list of things to do.

Survival Bunker: On the original Nosiphus server, an obsidian-encased survival bunker was built and loaded with supplies, and was accessed through a hatch in the floor of the lobby. This feature was re-added in Telkit IV. While the bunker itself has been completely redesigned, the access port is in the same spot and looks exactly the same as it did then.

Tenth NosLabs Interlinking: In Telkit IV, the fifth NosLabs was built in the same location as it was originally constructed, and the tenth NosLabs was constructed far beneath it. The hallway that had always been unfinished became an elevator hallway, and the two facilities now serve as one. The fifth NosLabs, for the most part, remains unmodified in its appearance with this exception.

Fifth NosLabs

Surface Building

Thursday, March 23, 2023


Thursday, March 23, 2023