Sixth NosLabs

Built by Sean and Wyatt: Wednesday, July 17, 2013


On July 17, 2013, we briefly began using Inferno438's 7 Montagel Way mansion map on the server, and this necessitated a rebuild of NosLabs. The sixth NosLabs was short-lived, as was the first mansion world, but it did introduce two highly important key features.


The sixth NosLabs began its life when a massive hole was cut out of the ground using WorldEdit by Sean, and he and Wyatt plated over the entire area using quartz and glowstone. It created, by far, the largest lobby ever present in a NosLabs build. It was excessive, but this lab added two features to the facility.

Feature Set

The sixth NosLabs only had two rooms alongside the lobby and hallway, but they were two key rooms.

Break Room: The sixth NosLabs was the first to have a break room for staff members to eat their lunch and rest in. It had a coffee machine and several booths to sit in.

Particle Accelerator: While the fifth NosLabs had introduced a fission reactor (that we never got working properly), the sixth NosLabs was the first to have a large, dedicated room for the reactor as well as a surrounding particle accelerator. We never set them up to work since the map's lifetime was so short, but they did appear on later incarnations of the lab.

Sixth NosLabs

The Massive Lobby

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Break Room

Wednesday, November 22, 2023