Installation Instructions

This page will guide you through the installation process for Nosiphus modpacks. 

1. Download and install the correct version of Java for your operating system and desired modpack. Java: 7 - 8 - 17

NOTE: You will need an Oracle account to download Java 7, as it is an archived product.

2. Download and extract the version of MultiMC for your operating system. MultiMC

3. Run through MultiMC setup by selecting a language, setting memory allocation, and logging into your account. We recommend setting 8192MB (8GB) of RAM if your computer has 16 GB of RAM or more. If you have 8GB, set it to 4096MB (4GB). If you only have 4GB of RAM in your system, it is likely that only the oldest packs will run.

4. Click add instance, then import from zip, and then copy-paste the link to the desired pack.

Regular Packs

(17) 1.19.2 Telkit IV -

(8) 1.16.5 Telkit III -

(8) 1.12.2 Telkit II -

(8) 1.7.10 Maguire's Apocalypse -'

(8) 1.7.10 Telkit I -

(8) 1.6.4 NosPack -

(8) 1.5.2 Nosiphus Required Mods -

(8) 1.4.7 Nosiphus Pack o' Fun -'

(8) b1.7.3 Sean's Classic Pack -'

Telkit Development Edition is a special pack designed for testing mods during version transitions. It is not for regular use and is likely to change significantly. It may suffer from bugs that prevent it from starting correctly. Do not use this for normal playthroughs.

(17) 1.20.1 Telkit Development Edition -

NosiFabric is a small, Fabric-based pack. It is not a mainline Nosiphus pack.

(17) 1.20.4 NosiFabric -