Seventh NosLabs

Built by Sean and Wyatt: Thursday, July 25, 2013


The seventh NosLabs is generally forgettable, as it lasted for a very short period of time, and has made no lasting impacts on any lab that superseded it. There are no screenshots available of the lab.


The seventh NosLabs was built only because the world containing the fifth NosLabs had been deleted accidentally. Sean put the Flying Clown House HQ back into service, which Wyatt took one look at and immediately developed a deep-seated hatred for. Still, the map remained for about a month. The seventh NosLabs' only definining characteristic was its entrance area, which was pretty interesting in that it used refined glowstone from Mekanism, which had a cool texture at the time.

Other than that, the rest of the lab was generally an attempt to copy the fifth NosLabs, but it failed, only getting as far as a lobby that took inspiration from, but did not perfectly replicate, that lab's lobby.

Seventh NosLabs

While no screenshots were ever taken of the interior of the lab, accidental video footage exists of the surface building. A screenshot of the Telkit IV rebuild will be available soon.