Nosiphus Studios

Built by Sean: Sunday, July 2, 2017


There had been attempts to create modular headquarters before, but those attempts had always failed. The design of the N Tower simply was not conducive to modularity. By June 2017, Sean had gotten fed up with using covers from mods like Thermal Expansion and Forge Multipart to cover wires and pipes installed in the building due to their lag and mod conflicts.

At the time, Sean and his father had been watching the video series of a YouTuber called AdamTheWoo, who spent his time traveling the country and exploring old places. In one of his videos, he visited the abandoned Nickelodeon Studios, and as a result, Sean decided to overhaul the HQ.


The first step was to remove the N Tower from the map. Once that had been done, the area where it had stood was flattened to allow room for the much larger building to be constructed. Sean began by digging a massive hole in the ground that would be used to house two reactors from the Big Reactors mod. Using White Plastic blocks from NosLabs Custom Blocks (now called YogMod), the hole was filled in up to ground level. From this point, the rooms would be built as modular sections that would be connected in specific ways that would allow pipes and wires to run through them without the use of cables, which cut lag significantly.

In the N Tower, the building had to be expanded upward every time a new member joined, as everyone received a floor entirely to themselves. This was becoming unfeasible, with member counts approaching 15 at the time. The new building had six offices per floor, and this significantly improved the building layout.

Nosiphus Studios only ever had one incarnation, and once built, it remained Nosiphus HQ through the end of Telkit I's lifespan as our main pack, which ended on June 10, 2018.

Nosiphus Studios

Tuesday, March 13, 2018