The Classic Design

Built by Sean and Wyatt: Thursday, August 22, 2013


The Classic Design is by far the oldest version of the headquarters, at least conceptually. Its design was drawn on paper by Sean and Wyatt way back in January 2013, pre-dating both the server and the word "Nosiphus" itself. Its first use in-game came about in August 2013. It mostly followed the original diagram, with few alterations. This version of the HQ was in use for about seven months.


Sean had accidentally deleted the map used with the original version of the N Tower in July, and after a brief stint of using the Flying Clown House, which Wyatt hated, the map was reset back to a clean world in August. After flattening an area to work in, construction of the HQ began, with both Sean and Wyatt deciding to follow the original diagram as closely as they could. After laying down a wooden floor, white wool was used for the walls. The building was lit up using lamps from RedLogic, which in those days could be particularly laggy, as Sean didn't possess decent hardware at the time.

Nosiphus expanded at the time, and new offices were added to accomodate members. While the external look and the lower floors matched 1:1 with the diagram, the internals of the central tower ended up being taller as more staff necessitated more offices. The only component left out was the helicopter launch tower, which was missing from the left side. This HQ included the PartyCenter, made possible by the DiscoCraft mod.

The Classic Design (2013 Design)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Complete Overhaul

Several years later, in 2021, there had been some fatigue with trying to make the N2 Campus work. No incarnation of that HQ was ever completely finished, as there was too much to build and the building was much too spacious for it to be put to proper use. When Telkit III (then called Telkit 9) came into regular use in 2021, a return to an older layout was desired, and it happened with the return of the Classic Design, which until this moment hadn't had a name at all. This new version took in much of the design sense of N2, but moved everything back into a singular building. This incarnation didn't see much use, as it was remodeled soon thereafter to remove the legacy of Nosiphus Studios and N2.

The Classic Design (2021 Design)

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The Remodel

Not long after the first remodel was done, a second one was done to shrink the size of the building. At the time, the server was built on a grid, and if a building was bigger than one would handle, a road would be removed and the build centered on that plot. A desire to slim down the HQ had been on Sean's mind for a while, and while the first remodel was better than N2 ever had been, it was still much too large.

A proper remodel that respected the same room placements but shrank the dimensions was performed in late May. The new HQ allowed the building to shrink from taking up 3 grid spaces to only taking 2. The building was also rotated. This incarnation was in use for the remainder of Telkit III's era as our main pack, which went through to April 2022.

The Classic Design (2021 Slim Design)

Saturday, December 4, 2021