N Tower

Built by Sean and Wyatt: Monday, June 24, 2013


The first version of the Nosiphus headquarters that was constructed by more than just Sean by himself was the N Tower, which began at around 11:40 pm on June 24, 2013, only minutes after the server started for the first time.

This headquarters was (and is) monumental in its importance. Not only did it set one of two basic HQ designs, but it was also the subject of the first Nosiphus video under that brand.

Its construction wouldn't have happened if 12-year-old Sean and Wyatt had been a little more competent with how modded Minecraft worked at the time. Sean had used Minecraft Comes Alive for a few months on his singleplayer world at that point, and had encountered an issue that was corrected by shipping the config files as well.

What neither of them knew at the time was that the config folder also contained block IDs, which they hadn't encountered issues with before. In the days before 1.7.2 (which at this point was still four months away), not having the correct config folder meant the client couldn't connect to the server due to ID mismatches. Because of this, the two of them started a new world using the same seed on a vanilla 1.5.2 server.


Once both of them had logged in, Sean flew over to the coordinate location of the original HQ, and once there, he and Wyatt began to clear out the ground area of trees to begin construction.

Wyatt started building using white wool, building the shape of the HQ and much of the first floor that would be seen in the video. The table that would store the cakes seen in the video was made from pistons and redstone blocks, and stairs were used to represent the future location of the sofas.

Construction was interrupted for about a week, as a horrific stomachache Sean had the night the server started ended up being appendicitis, which put him in the hospital for four days. When Sean returned home and recovered after a couple days, construction began in earnest on July 1. The HQ would go up to ten floors by July 5, containing the lobby, a cafeteria, helipad, boardroom, lounge, telescope, rooftop pool, and the office spaces of everyone who was a member at the time.

By July 11, the HQ had been extended by seven floors, adding a bistro, computer core, general storage floor, penthouse, and cinema. This version lasted until the map was changed on July 17.

The N Tower (2013 Design)

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Complete Overhaul

The N Tower is generally considered to have been the best incarnation of the Nosiphus HQ ever constructed, and as a result, it has returned several times in different forms. The biggest change was that of the 2015 design, which was retired on July 2, 2017.

The one problem with the original incarnation was its lack of symmetry. The building was not square, and that made it difficult to install windows consistently. The decision was made to square the building by expanding out the back. The short wall was made to be as long as the long wall. Additionally, the size of the floors was expanded to be as tall as the original lobby was. This caused the building to dramatically expand in size.

Additionally, the building, originally known just as the "blue HQ", became known as the "N Tower" in 2017.

The N Tower (2015 Design)

Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Remodel

In March 2022, the Nosiphus modpack system was converted from using Technic to using a Packwiz-based download system, and that process also saw the legacy packs renamed using Roman numerals, leaving the current version as Telkit III.

After so many years of world swaps, a decision was made for Telkit IV: a pregenerated 1.4.7 world using the original seed would be utilized as the base map. 1.18 would generate the new terrain underneath the old map, which would provide the best of both worlds: the original, long-desired terrain without sacrificing modern and modded ores.

When this server launched in April 2022, the first thing to be constructed was the original blue HQ design. This server was only active for a few weeks before it became mostly dormant throughout the most of the year. When November 2022 rolled around, the server experienced a roaring return to prominence, especially due to the Create mod.

With the website's tenth anniversary coming up, Sean decided to remodel the inside of the HQ and fixing the windows, while retaining the original building's shape. A few months later, in June, an extension of the HQ was made on the ground, giving it a new wing. This version of the HQ is still in use as the current one.

The N Tower (2022 Design)

Saturday, June 24, 2023