Calm and Collected Fun

Saturday, August 2, 2014 - Monday, February 8, 2016


Calm and Collected Fun runs contiguously with Nosiphus' "peaceful period," a time where conflict was low and our productivity was off the charts. No other era of Nosiphus has ever come close to being as productive as this time was, and the number of ideas that were flowing out of us at the time is matched only by the beginning of Nosiphus in 2013.

I remember this era very, very fondly, as 2015 was one of the best years of my life.

Notable Tracks

Try and Love Again - Eagles - 1976

Having first discovered The Selected Works 1972-1999 earlier in 2014, by the end of the year I'd carry it with me, using a portable CD player to listen to it. On November 1, 2014, my iPod touch had a malfunction that necessitated a trip to the Apple Store in Little Rock to get it fixed (they ended up outright replacing it for free). With that disc playing, we drove through the city as the sun began to set. It was a very atmospheric experience for me, and to this day, I am reminded of being in the back of the van on that day as I hear it.

The Things We Do For Love - 10cc - 1977

For the Christmas season in 2014, my parents were stuck in the precarious situation of having to work at the same time, leaving large periods of time where I would've been left by myself. I didn't have a cell phone yet, and at 13, my mother didn't feel I was old enough to stay home alone yet. Those would both change a few months later, but I would spend most of the 2014 Christmas season at my grandparents' house.

Being in the same building as the compilation discs meant I had an opportunity to scan them into the new machine I had, which meant I gathered all of the Classic Soft Rock discs, instead of just Ride Like The Wind and Summer Breeze.

The Things We Do For Love reminds me of sitting at the dining room table with my all-in-one PC during that winter.

Your Wildest Dreams - The Moody Blues - 1986

Every Breath You Take - The Police - 1983

When I listen to Every Breath You Take, I find myself transported back to August and September 2015, at the very beginning of my high school career. I remember having it in my head as I walked down the hallway one rainy afternoon, heading to the car after the day was done.