Welcome to Nosiphus!

Recent as of Saturday, December 8, 2018 - There have been some changes in the way we store modpack information, and this is to bring in standards equipment with the future nCraft modpack system. Let us elaborate.

Once the launcher is available, we will allow third parties to utilize our textfile system for their own modpacks. The launcher will be coded to detect the same file structure, with the variable being the modpack's ID, which will be the name of the folder. Presently, a very basic version of this exists, and this is what the code looks like:

String modpack;
modpack = JOptionPane.showInputDialog(frame,"What modpack will you be installing?");

String versionNumber;
versionNumber = JOptionPane.showInputDialog(frame, "Enter version number:");

String fromFile = "https://www.nosiphus.com/minecraft/modpacks/" + modpack + "/updates/" + versionNumber + ".txt";
String toFile = directory + versionNumber + ".txt";

This small excerpt from the code gives the user the ability to set the modpack ID by typing the ID, then the version number, and the launcher downloads the txt file in question. Eventually, the code will read through the text file and download the appropriate files instead of the txt file itself.