Welcome to Nosiphus!

Recent as of Monday, March 19, 2018 - Spring Break is here! Here's a short list of some ideas we have for the week ahead.

1. Server Refocusing and Restoration
Nosiphus has several web assets left over from the summer 2014 vanilla server that have laid dormant since that server went down. Sean wants to reconnect those assets and get them operational again. He is also considering a proper delegation of powers, giving certain sites proper administration by particular individuals.

Sean is also in the process of restoring past servers to operation, among these being a server running the Nosiphus Required Mods pack with the original save. While doing this, he is also viewing past Telkit and Telkit-compatible worlds and porting parts of them into the main Telkit server.

2. Nosiphus Archives PCs
The old computers that were once home to Sean's daily operations are still fully operational, and over the past few days, he has been restoring these computers to their original states. He is undoing his past self's Windows XP craze by reinstalling Windows 10 and re-enabling UEFI on the systems he modified. The plan is to not only get the old servers running on their original ports and IPs, Sean also wants to make each machine period-accurate for their respective eras.

The Acer Aspire Z3-605 that is home to the Telkit server, while having UEFI re-enabled, will not be modified any further as it is the only computer besides Sean's main PC capable of running the Telkit server. There is, however, another machine available that, while never used by Sean himself, is not used by anyone else and will therefore become the 2014-15 machine.


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