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Recent as June 24, 2017 - Four years ago today, a new chapter opened in Nosiphus history when the very first Nosiphus Minecraft server loaded up at 11:30 PM. Today, we will be doing a similar thing. The Telkit server will be reset, and the world items from the Tekkit Classic server that is home to Castaways will be transferred over.

Multiple running series was always the idea for the server, and so, there will be a merger. Telkit with Sean will merge with Castaways, and once the series is on the main server, then more people will be available to play. There will also be changes to the NosLabs Custom Blocks mod to introduce crafting recipes.

The seed we use, however, will not change. That seed has been Sean's favorite since it randomly loaded back in February 2013.

The 2013 Nostalgia Wave is in full effect. Sean will continue his pursuit of restoring the 1.6.4 world generator in 1.7.10.


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