Video Production Code

Video Production Code

These are our guidelines for content creation.

Always keep a copy of the original, unedited footage. This allows us to recreate the video from scratch if a problem arises during production for whatever reason. 

Content Guidelines

1. You must follow all of YouTube's Community Guidelines.

2. While swearing is permitted in our productions, derogatory language of any kind is not. It violates the YouTube Community Guidelines and doesn't reflect well on you as an individual or us as a group.

3. If you are making political content, we expect you to disclose your ideological bent, and we also would expect that you keep your discussions as civil as possible. Starting a shouting match may make good entertainment, but it doesn't make good education or discussion.

4. If you are disputing the views made by another person, do not attack that person directly, and keep your criticisms directed at their arguments and their argumentative style.

5. If we receive a strike of some kind because of something you uploaded, we will be enacting a suspension on your uploading privileges for the duration of YouTube's strike, with reasonable exceptions made.

6. As closely as possible, try and follow the Editing Code.

7. Make sure to include the COPPA rationales to the bottom of the video description.

Editing Code

1. Videos should have an introductory theme song.

1a. Do not use a copyrighted audio track if Nosiphus has not licensed it. A good source for royalty-free audio tracks is Incompetech.

1b. All audio tracks should be played at -10 dB compared to the main audio track. Intros and outros should run for no longer than thirty seconds. The intro should have an exponential fade starting at the twentieth second. The outro should have a constant gain ending at the tenth second.

2. Any edits made should follow the content guidelines.

3. The following contains the basic video description, which should be used for all videos.

The general video description should be placed here.

Social Media Outlets

Video Details

Game: Title/Real-Life Recording/Music Video/Audio Track

Recorded: Month Day, Year

If Minecraft:

Game: Minecraft

Version: (Alpha or Beta if needed) X.Y.Z

Modpack: only if applicable

Resource Pack: only if applicable, make multiple Resource Pack: statements if needed

Texture Pack: only if using a pre-1.6.1 version

Recorded: Month Day, Year


Song Title - Artist - Album - Release Year

If Kevin MacLeod:

Song Title - Kevin MacLeod (

Licensed under Creative Commons: by Attribution 3.0 License

Recorded by X:

YouTube Channel Link

Featuring Y:

YouTube Channel Link


Target audience: All ages/13+/18+



This video contains nothing parents might find objectionable, but was not targeted specifically at minors.

This video contains language that parents may find objectionable for children.

This video was recorded before the presenter was 13, but was uploaded afterwards for the presenter's friends.

This video was recorded before the presenter was 13, and was specifically meant for the presenter's peers at the time.

This video was uploaded after the presenter was 13.

This video contains references to current events and provides political commentary, which parents may believe children are too young to hear or understand.