The Story of Sean - a continually updated log of my life

A Conversation Consisting of Beatles #1s:
Billy Shears: Hey Jude, Eleanor Rigby had Something to say to you.
Jude: She wants us to Come Together and Get Back with each other? I Feel Fine on my own.
Billy Shears: I talked to her just Yesterday. She Loves You.
Jude: I don't know about that. I went down The Long and Winding Road with her. I had A Hard Day's Night Eight Days A Week. I guess We Can Work It Out if we try.
From Me To You, she's a lot better person than Lady Madonna. That woman is a Day Tripper.
Jude: No arguing about that, she's had her Ticket To Ride for a long time. She may try to buy me a lot things, but she Can't Buy Me Love.
Billy Shears: Hey, All You Need Is Love. So, what've you been up to?
Jude: Well, I haven't told many people yet, but Let It Be known that I am now a Paperback Writer.
Billy Shears: Didn't you write that story about the Yellow Submarine?
Jude: Yes, that was me. I actually bought a new office on Penny Lane. I could use some Help moving in.
Billy Shears: This place has some potential, although it is old. Well, I'll be off, I have some things to take care of.
Eleanor: Jude?
Jude: Hello, Goodbye. What brings you this way, Eleanor?
Eleanor: Well, I've just been thinking about things, and all day, I've realized that I Want To Hold Your Hand.
Can you find room in your heart for me?
Jude: Of course I can. Love Me Do.
Eleanor: I overheard your conversation with Billy. You know, I think you could call something The Ballad of John and Yoko.
Jude: Interesting title, I'll have to see what I can do with it.