The World Goes Mad

Wednesday, February 23, 2022 - Tuesday, January 17, 2023


On February 23, 2022, the news that Russia had decided to invade Ukraine shocked the entire world. At the time, I was sitting in the living room, and when the notification came through, I immediately turned on the television to see the news.

Coupling that with some incidents ongoing in my personal life, that moment was the beginning of a nearly yearlong period of misery that would forever paint 2022 as one of the worst years I'd ever lived through.

My routine was cemented throughout from that point until mid-summer: I'd wake up feeling depressed and incredibly miserable, get through the day, watch some YouTube videos with my father in the evenings, and go to bed feeling fine. This was interrupted only for a few days in March, and didn't end until late June.

Politics continued to sour throughout the year as well. With the Republican Party so far ahead in the polls, and with the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, I was incensed and angry at the political climate I found myself in.

From that point on, the remainder of 2022 was filled with occasional recurrences of misery, and I began counting down the moments until the year would finally be gone. Things began to look up in November, beginning with the midterm results that saw that Democrats had done much better than expected, followed by the Nosiphus server's resurgence after several months of downtime. The remainder of the playlist's time would be better, until a brief downturn at the very end that was over after a few days.

In essence, The World Goes Mad is not an era of my life that I am interested in reliving, and I'm glad to say that things have been much happier since then.

Notable Tracks

Landscaping - Windows 96 - 2017

During this low period of my life, there was one line of comfort I had: watching YouTube videos with my father in the evenings. Landscaping is the songs used as the opener for the YouTuber Enderman, whose videos I would watch to distract myself from the ongoing chaos in my personal life at the time.

Mrs Magic - Strawberry Guy - 2019

As one of the few modern songs that have made it into my playlists, Mrs Magic is not some generic filler track to me. In many ways, it has become a swansong for a tumultuous era of my life. When I hear it, I am given solace in the fact that the worst period I'd ever been through was finally over.