Lovestruck Adventurer

Monday, February 8, 2016 - Friday, August 11, 2017


Lovestruck Adventurer encompasses two eras of my life that overlap significantly. It begins in early 2016, after the initial departure of Wyatt from Nosiphus, and followed by my development of a small, mostly insignificant crush on a girl, the first one since April 2014.

That was followed by a summer that was fairly tumultuous, with malt shop-era oldies hits being the primary background music of the time. I also developed a love for the James Bond franchise at the time, and that led me to include all of the themes from the films in the playlist. Once the summer concluded, the first era was brought to a close.

The second era is far more notable in terms of its importance. Beginning in late 2016, but really taking off at the start of 2017, I found myself mired in the most intense one-sided romantic crush I'd ever felt. To this day, every subsequent romantic interest I've had has been influenced by that one, and I generally use that to gauge just how intense a feeling I have is.

Notable Tracks

Have You Heard - The Duprees - 1963

My first association for this song was with the small crush I had in early 2016, which fizzled out in early May. It was the first time I ever directly tied a song to a girl, which should've been a sign of the level of intensity that was yet to come for someone else.

There's a Moon Out Tonight - The Capris - 1959

Beginning in late 2015, I'd decided that the theme of the Nosiphus server should be that of the post-World War II economic expansion, specifically, the late 1950s. We began building malt shops and roadways, and I'd use the Pink Cadillac from Flan's Mod to drive around the server. I would usually listen to this song as I'd drive around.

Tomorrow Never Dies - Sheryl Crow - 1997

The title track to the film of the same name, Tomorrow Never Dies quickly became one of my favorites of the Bond film themes.

Spooky - Classics IV - 1967

While I'd listened to and loved this song for a year by this point, hearing it in the context of late 2016 was a definitional turning point for me. Spooky was, from that moment, forever the song I'd think of as the theme for the girl that I was madly in love with until summer 2017.

Tell Her No - The Zombies - 1965

Hearing Tell Her No takes me back to January 2017, when the aforementioned crush I had was just getting started, and was rapidly intensifying. I remember thinking about her almost nonstop at the time, which meant I mentally tied multiple songs to the feeling I had, although admittedly, I didn't actually tie this song to her as a person.

Jackie Blue - The Ozark Mountain Daredevils - 1974

Jackie Blue has become one of my favorite songs, and my first encounter with it was during the time of Lovestruck Adventurer. The thing that struck me about it is that as much as I loved the studio track, my favorite version of it was a live version from The Old Grey Whistle Test.

Poor Side of Town - Nick Lowe - 2001

I remember standing outside one cloudy morning waiting for school to start, and I played this song. As I generally did at this time, I sat and thought about the girl I liked as I listened to it, but I also had this feeling that reminded me of the times in 2014 that I'd come home after a long day out. It is forever tied to that feeling I had for her at the time.

(Don't Fear) The Reaper - Blue Öyster Cult - 1976

To this day, I consider (Don't Fear) The Reaper to be the theme song of Jake Brannon. In March 2017, he began to give me a lift home after school. One day, he requested I play this song over the radio, which I'd never heard before. I was in love with it the moment I heard it, and every time I hear it, I am reminded of hanging out with him.

Gary's Song - SpongeBob SquarePants - 2005

Gary's Song is the first song I ever added to a playlist because of a meme that was popular at the time. Admittedly, the instrumentation of the song makes it sound much older than it actually is, which I unironically liked. I remember sitting in the back of Nate's truck in the parking lot of the ball fields one summer night, and this was one of the songs we played while there.