A New Dawn

Tuesday, January 17, 2023 - Present


After a brief, but necessary in retrospect, downturn, my daily life would see my happiness soar after a year of misery.

As Nosiphus entered its tenth anniversary year, the nostalgia trip was intense. In April 2022, a new theme for the server was established: what would it have looked like if the server had used the same map from its beginning, never having been reset? I pregenerated our original seed using 1.4.7, and copied the map into the 1.18-based Telkit IV.

After several months of interruption due to the crises of 2022, I began to refocus my efforts on making the server as good as I could possibly make it. The prime focus of this effort? NosLabs. NosLabs added not just features from its multiple revisions over the years, but added entirely new areas that had never been constructed before. It also added modernized versions of ideas from the beginning that hadn't been taken from paper to practice.

Notable Tracks

Devil or Angel - The Clovers - 1956

One thing I certainly felt during this period was the return of romance. Since mid-2020, I'd had no major love interest, being either too confined to the house (2020), too concerned with my career (2021), or shellshocked by ongoing events (2022) to have those feelings develop. After a period in late 2022 where multiple different potential interests entered and exited my thoughts, they began to focus on one person again in early 2023. It was just nice to be able to feel those sorts of things again. This song was the backdrop of the redevelopment of those feelings.

Hollywood Holiday - Frank Samuels - 1964

As I returned to building on the server in a capacity that I hadn't done in several years, I found myself rediscovering the Yogscast and the Minecraft content that I'd loved when I was just getting started with the game back in 2013. One day, when playing Gay Activity and Happy-Go-Lively, two songs that I'd been familiar with for many years, I let YouTube auto-play new tracks, and the first one it queued up was Hollywood Holiday. This track fit in very well with the theme of light production music that I'd grown fond of because of the Yogscast, which made it great background music for building in NosLabs.