From NTV Studios in Los Nosiphus, this is the Good Evening Show with Maguire Rodgers!


The Good Evening Show with Maguire Rodgers was planned to be the flagship late-night comedy program of the Nosiphus Television System. Maguire's natural talent of making people laugh was expressed quite well in How Not To Get A Girlfriend, a one-off video making fun of a Minecraft dating server. Maguire's role in expanding Nosiphus' content production was significant, as his focus on the first series of Doctor Who was running contemporaneously with Nosiphus Nightly News in February and March 2015. Most of the content production ideas that we formulated came into existence during that heyday of production.

At some point, Sean decided to start looking at possibly expanding Nosiphus Nightly News out into more than just a singular video series, but having several accompanying shows on the channel to form a network. This was directly inspired by real-world television changes. 2014-15 was a sea change in comedy on television. David Letterman had announced his retirement from The Late Show not long after Jay Leno had finally stepped down from The Tonight Show in favor of Jimmy Fallon. Seth Meyers took over Fallon's old spot at Late Night. After Letterman's decision, Craig Ferguson also announced that he would be leaving The Late Late Show at the end of 2014. Stephen Colbert had been announced as Letterman's replacement, meaning The Colbert Report would be ending at the end of 2014, and in early 2015, Jon Stewart announced he was leaving The Daily Show.

This massive amount of changes in network and cable television was going on while we were in a heavily creative period, so when the idea for a comedy program came up, there wasn't really much of a question as to whether it was going to happen, as during this time the relationship between Sean and Maguire was pumping out new ideas like there was no tomorrow. A set was constructed, and a pilot episode was filmed.

This episode was briefly uploaded, but was taken down shortly thereafter due to copyright concerns. Some ideas were floated for later productions, but they never came to be. Expanded sets were constructed at later dates, but when 2018 came along and new productions were being planned, there wasn't really a big impetus to attempt to give the program a true start. Maguire's resignation from Nosiphus in July 2018 would be followed by a period of dealignment, and during this time period, Jason Faucett was given the program if it started up. Maguire's return the following May restored the program rights to him, and new sets were built, but real life concerns and a general sense of maturity and desire to move away from YouTube overwhelmed any potential production attempts.

It is very unlikely that this show will ever be placed into regular production, but the pilot does exist, and it may be uploaded one day.


There were three sets constructed for The Good Evening Show.


When Nosiphus was in the midst of its creative drive in 2015, the first (and so far only) episode of Good Evening ever made was filmed on a small set.


When the return of NTV was being discussed in 2018, a set was built for the show, stylized to match that of The Late Show with David Letterman.


In 2020, a new set was constructed, its design being inspired by the short-lived The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien.