Welcome back to The Dank Memes Report!


After the content explosion of 2015 ended, 2016 was quieter in terms of what was actually produced, but the idea generation was still at an all-time high. Against the backdrop of Donald Trump running for president, and inspired by Conspiracies with Nate Sawyers, Wyatt proceeded to make two episodes with Sean about Trump's candidacy, as well as about the "jet fuel can't melt steel beams" meme that was popular at the time.

Dank Memes Report didn't actually acquire its name during the airtime of either of the first episodes, titled simply The Wyatt Show during filming, but the episodes were released under that name. A third and fourth episode, filmed that November after Trump had won the election, were never released.

Four years later, a new episode was released, which started off as a look at Donald Trump's presidency in the days immediately preceding the 2020 election, but it turned into a depressing introspection on the horrors of the year 2020.


There were three sets constructed for The Dank Memes Report.

July 2016

The first two episodes were filmed on July 20, 2016 inside the original NTV Studios on the May 2016 Telkit map.

November 2016

Two unreleased episodes were filmed inside a restaurant Wyatt constructed after the October 2016 map reset.


Used for the 2020 episode, this set was constructed to accomodate the changes introduced by Telkit II.