From Nosiphus World Headquarters in Midton, this is Nosiphus Nightly News with Sean Crain.


Of the 2015 productions that were planned, and of the even smaller that were produced, Nosiphus Nightly News was unquestionably the most successful. Nosiphus Nightly News' production predates the December 2, 2012 Nosiphus reboot by by about four months, as it began life as MBC Mushroom News with Mario in August 2012.

The current Nosiphus YouTube channel's ID is still "windowsxprules1", which is a good indicator of how it started. Created alongside Sean's Google account on January 4, 2012, it was originally Sean's personal channel. He had a prior channel in late 2010 that was titled "MegaSean200", which was promptly shut down by his parents, who didn't like the idea of their eight-year-old uploading YouTube videos for the world to see. Mario plush videos, inspired by SuperMarioLogan's earlier content, were the dominant production form, and in 2012, Sean used his fourth-generation iPod touch to film and upload these short videos.

When August 2012 rolled around, Sean produced MBC Mushroom News with Mario, a newscast hosted by the plush that went over some basic events that were going on at the time. The initial episode was produced on August 27, 2012, and episodes were produced to finish out the month. On September 22, 2012, two more were made. The video production didn't return until December 26, 2012, when a snow system moved through and Mario reported on the weather.

MBC Mushroom News would not return after December 26, 2012, but Sean himself hosted the Blue Cove News on January 27, 2013, in that production's sole episode.

No news shows would be produced again until February 27, 2015, when the first episode of Nosiphus Nightly News was filmed as the first Minecraft-based newscast. Production was consistent for two weeks before it became sporadic in late March 2015, and by the end of 2015, only a few more had been uploaded. The show had a few subsequent episodes released in September 2018 and in October 2019, but since then, no shows have been made.