Hello, and welcome, to Conspiracies with Nate.

You can't just trust anything and everything you see and read, you know. Have you ever wondered why Apple is all-powerful these days, and could that "i" in their products mean something more than Steve Jobs or Tim Cook let on? I'm just saying, it very well could...


Conspiracies with Nate Sawyers was the final series recorded in 2015 under the banner of the original Nosiphus Television System. If you've read the synopsis on Hinkley's Manor, you'll know that this was the point in time where mysterious and suspenseful media was dominating Sean's content interests, and at some point in late November 2015, Sean and Nate Sawyers (who interestingly, despite having a massively important role in its history, has never actually been a member of Nosiphus) came up with idea to create a conspiracy theory-oriented video.

Suspense had a role in creating the atmosphere, but there was something else going on as well. There was a period in 2015 where Illuminati memes and the use of the X-Files theme had become mainstays of Internet culture. It was nearly impossible to see a triangle at this time and not instantly try to connect to the ongoing memes. Sean had also spent quite a bit of time watching The X-Files as his parents were rewatching the show.

Conspiracies was an outgrowth of the combination of these factors, and the first production decision was what would be covering. Nate, a lifelong Android user, decided that his first target would be Apple. He came up with this convuluted idea that Apple used the letter "i" in every one of their products because they were part of the Illuminati, which would prove to be a good starting topic.

The show had two sets, one used for the first episode, and another used for the second. Sean and Wyatt's ideas for how to create the show differed quite greatly. Sean's idea was expressed in episode one. Nate's desk was small and the room itself was very compacted, and created this ambiance of a reclusive conspiracist who was hiding in a dark, underground bunker. Wyatt, Maguire, and Garrett all protested the first set, as did Nate himself, with the main complaint being that the setting was not well lit enough. Wyatt's idea was expressed in episode two, where Nate's set was expanded upon to be similar, but more expansive. He was given a much larger space, and the underground bunker theme was expanded upon significantly, with stone bricks covered in cracks and moss being used for the backdrop. A triangle with an ender eye in an item frame was placed behind him. Both sets conveyed a different message, and while the second set was unquestionably better in terms of how it actually looked, there's something to be said about the first set's atmosphere that cannot be said about the second.

The episodes were uploaded to YouTube on December 20 and 30 of 2015. A third episode was planned but it is unlikely that it will be produced.