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Recent as of Wednesday, July 27, 2022 - A complete sign redesign has been in the works since February, but due to other time constraints, the new site hasn't been made live. This redesign is absolute, affecting not just the main Nosiphus site, but all of its satellite websites as well. There have been several fairly massive changes made since December 1, 2021, so here's a brief overview.

The first, most important change is that we have deprecated Technic as a method of modpack delivery after eight years, and this change was made back in March. Our packs are now kept updated via Packwiz and MultiMC. This change has also caused a rebrand across all of our packs.

The original, 1.7.10-based Telkit pack has kept the original Telkit branding. Subsequent builds have been adjusted to utilize Roman numeral increments, with 1.12.2 being II, 1.16.5 being III, and 1.18.2 being IV, which was not released last December. We have ported the 1.6.4-based NosPack and the 1.5.2-based Nosiphus Required Mods to MultiMC, and we have also introduced a 1.19 Fabric-based pack called NosiFabric.

We have also completely redone our imaging backend, with our logo assets now being stored at assets.nosiphus.com. This reorganization of assets is considerably larger than you may initially see, as the Nosiphus Archives are included in this change. The older sites are available via the Archives.

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