In order to increase the amount of videos on the channel by having members record videos without Sean's presence, we are creating a video production code. All Nosiphus videos will follow the same guidelines.

Swearing is permitted. We only ask that you do not use racially sensitive words to prevent controversy.
Political and religious debate is permitted. We encourage this.
Sexually suggestive content is permissible, but sexually explicit content is not. We refer to actions, not words.


1. Film all videos in 16:9 aspect ratio. Don't film vertical videos. They look terrible.
2. Attempt to pass the camera around to allow for multiple perspectives, or film on multiple cameras or phones.
3. Follow the Editing Code.

1. DO NOT USE COPYRIGHTED AUDIO TRACKS. This could result in the loss of monetization or a Copyright Strike.
2. If audio only, place the audio with a photo or album art that you've created.
3. Music videos do not follow Section 1 of the Editing Code as having intro music would ruin the point.

Politics and Religion
1. Biases are accepted, but the video and description should have a disclaimer of your political bias.
2. Discussions should attempt to not escalate into a yelling contest. Try to keep debates reasonable.
3. Follow the Editing Code.

1. If you are presenting the news on its own, then you should tell all sides of the story. If you have a story bias, add it after the story.
2. Follow the Editing Code.

Video Logs
1. Follow the Editing Code.

PC Gaming
1. Record videos with NVIDIA Share or Microsoft Game DVR. Record in 1080p at 60 frames/second. Record microphone audio to a second track if using NVIDIA Share, allowing for individual edits to be made.
2. Turn off all music in a game if that music is copyrighted, unless we have secured rights to those songs.
3. Follow the Editing Code.

1. Videos should have an intro song. Outro songs are up to the creator, but here is what Sean-edited videos usually look like:

Intro: First 30 seconds of Gay Activity at -15.0 dB compared to the main audio track. Exponential Fade beginning at the 20th second.

Outro: Last 30 seconds of Gay Activity at -15.0 dB compared to the main audio track. Constant Gain ending at the 20th second, OR 30 seconds of Kool Kats that run for 10 seconds past the end of the videos.

2. Any additional edits should not violate the Content Guidelines.