The Openness Plan

Nosiphus once held operations that spanned the globe. We have also expanded our holdings at home, bringing in more permanent members than ever before.

Openness has been growing inside Nosiphus, but so has isolationism. Sean has decided to attempt the unification plans of January 2017 again, but this time, construct it differently.

1. Communications openness
In January 2017, the move to Discord was halted when interactions with Gummi, Maddie, and Cherry ceased. However, when Razer announced that Razer Comms was going to be discontinued on June 1, 2017, the move to Discord restarted. Discord's amazing cross-platform unity and its ability to be run inside of a web browser without any installation or login will be the key to rebuilding our international coalition. Razer Comms satisfied isolationist sentiment, but Discord can do the same: we can make certain channels only accessible to Nosiphus members, but we can also allow a massive international coalition to take hold on the same server.

Communications openness was achieved on June 19, 2017, when the Discord server and the Telkit server were linked via the Discord chat mod.

2. Video platform altercations
When How Not To Speak Spanish was released as a school project, it forced Sean, Jake, and Weston to reveal their faces. If other members of Nosiphus are secure with it, then we will de-Minecraftize the members' pages and replace the Minecraft avatars with actual photographs of Nosiphus members. We intend to diversify away from Minecraft and towards more real-life productions. Gaming will still continue, however, and Sean is considering introducing webcams to videos. With Sean now joining Jake and Wyatt's late night extravaganza, it is entirely possible that a new kind of video emerges on the channel: Late Night City Adventures.

This section has been expanded out into The Content Production Plan.

3. Minecraft server altercations
Most of the mods in Telkit are in e=mc². Once BuildCraft and Thaumcraft update to Minecraft 1.10.2, then Telkit 5.0.0 will be released running the newer version of Minecraft. Until that happens, however, the 1.7.10 version of Telkit will continue to be actively updated. In order to preserve version numbers, updates will happen slowly, as Telkit is already at 4.8.9 at the time of this being written, leaving only the 4.9.x line available before we reach 5.0.0. Once the 1.10 move occurs, then everything will change drastically. With the inclusion of The Earth mod, land claims have been made across the server world, and the server will move to be a multi-nation server with trade routes, industry, and truly be what it's supposed to be: a vibrant world economy.

4. GTA Online
Sean joined Wyatt, Maguire, and Jake in playing Grand Theft Auto V on May 25, 2017. With this, we have an entirely new platform to experiment with and record on. Videos on GTA V are probably not that far off.

The plan is in development, more is to come.