The Content Production Plan

Since 2013, Nosiphus has heavily relied on video game content, almost exclusively Minecraft-related. The videos that are not related to Minecraft usually date back years into the Nosiphus Archives, and the only recent non-gaming video, How Not To Speak Spanish, was a school project that forced us to show our faces.

Here are our ideas to back away from gaming. We won't entirely abandon it, but Nosiphus does need a new focal point.

This is an expansion of Section 2 of The Openness Plan.

1. Real-Life Randomness
Sean, Wyatt, and Jake go out on big adventures through the city quite often. Filming this randomness would give Nosiphus a new video type to use, and this could really assist us in our video feats.

2. Music
Maguire has a passion for music, and has wanted to record music in multiple forms. With Wyatt drumming with him, we could open up another chapter for Nosiphus. Sean enjoys music as well, and may review records in the future.

3. Political commentary
Perhaps the only passion stronger than Maguire's for music is Sean's for politics. While Sean is an avid music lover and listens to just as much as Maguire, politics is far more important to Sean than anything else. Lunatics was a planned merger between Minecraft and political discussion, the show's name coming from the idea that Sean ran away to the moon to escape the lunacy of global politics, to become an observer from afar. While we don't want Minecraft to be present in that, politics needs to be. More information can be found on the Lunatics website, found at the top of the page.

4. News
During the era of Nosiphus Nightly News with Sean Crain, the news coverage focused more on the server than it ever did on world affairs. If the show were to resurge, its focus would be on world events. Minecraft would continue to be the production scheme until Sean has a workable camera.

5. Video Logs
When the girls were present in Nosiphus, Cherry often suggested that she or someone else do a vlog series for the channel. This idea never got off the ground, and will remain dead unless someone interested, likely a girl, joins Nosiphus and picks it up. If a few girls who Sean is considering asking to join accept, then this type of video may come with it.

6. Copyright Problems
In the past, Nosiphus has used copyrighted music in videos. Gay Activity, the theme tune, is a public domain composition, but the particular audio recording has run into copyright problems before. We are unsure of who owns that composition, or if it's just a fault on YouTube's part, but the issue only exists if the song plays fully. In the future, we will either license the song, make a new recording of it, or replace the theme. However, due to Gay Activity's prominence and deep connections to the Yogscast and Minecraft, we want to change our introduction theme to be unrelated to the game.