When Nosiphus came back into prominence during its first Golden Age, our strategy for the future was very clear: everything would be based around the Saturn operating system and its family of services. As time marched on, the Minecraft server, originally a secondary project meant as a test environment for how future corporate offices and products would look, grew into the primary focus as the application design part of Nosiphus faded away into nothingness.

In 2016, Nosiphus Computer Application Design launched simply to hold projects for Sean, Wyatt, and Nathan's Computer Programming class. It was disbanded at the end of the year, but in recent days, Sean has been looking through both old Saturn documents from 2013 and playing around in both legacy Windows and Mac environments.

Nosiphus would like to announce its intentions to restore Nosiphus Computer Application Design as a full-scale entity, and an entire redesign of the company from the top-down will take place. This plan will replace both The Openness Plan and The Content Production Plan.