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Q: What is Nosiphus?
A: Nosiphus was originally just a testing ground for Sean's ideas, but it evolved over time. The current incarnation is going through a refocusing, shifting away from Minecraft and towards larger topics, such as politics, music, general gaming, and possibly vlogging.

Q: Can I join Nosiphus?
A: You can fill out this form. Only people who we are familiar with offline will be accepted. The current form is still being altered, so if you are sent an email telling you to fill out the form again, it is because the form has changed enough to require new answers.

Q: What is Minecraft?
A: Have you just discovered the Internet? Read This.

Q: What is Telkit?
A: Telkit is our modpack. It powers the Nosiphus Modded Server.

Q: What is NosPack/are the Nosiphus Required Mods/ is The Nosiphus Pack o' Fun?
A: These are older packs that once powered the Nosiphus Modded Server when it ran on previous versions of Minecraft, 1.6.4 and 1.5.2 specifically. The Pack o' Fun never ran a server, but was thrown together for 1.4.7.

Q: Can I join the Nosiphus Modded Server?
A: Without question! Click Modpacks and then Telkit on the navigation bar for more details.

Q: Where did you get the YogLabs HD Resource Pack?
A: They are replicas. Get the original one here. Our remake is now a mod for 1.6.4 and 1.7.10.

Q: What is the Minecraft seed you use?
A: -5517325077632123817 - Generator options: Biomes O Plenty (1.7.2+); Default (1.2.1-1.6.4)