The Quote Board

Sean Crain
What do you think of this seed, Mote?
Wyatt? (Yes?) I'm gonna need you to shut up.
No. Just, no.
Wait, what?
Oh, bloody hell.
These (items) don't work, at all.
What the hell is that supposed to mean?
Does murder have to be illegal?
Well, the reason that (action) is because (you or person's name) (cause of action)!
If you notice, your girlfriend is running off.
(after being told to say something random in conversation) So that's how I got this third nipple.
Learn the-WHAT THE FUCK?

Wyatt Mote
I want to use a nickle to tickle your pickle.
That's gay.
As a committed man, when it comes to other women, I can look at the menu, but I can't order.
Sean, you like this girl? You should just pull a Bill Cosby.  You better give her a little night-night juice, if ya know what I mean.
Don't beat your meat if you can't take the heat.
The bigger your gut is, the more trustworthy you are.

Maguire Rodgers
You can nut wrong.
So, this is a, magboger here today, uh we're on, and this is a tutorial on how to get girls on Minecraft. Now you know, originally, Minecraft was not thought to be a dating server, but you know, you know, over time, some retard thought it was a great idea to make this server. Retards.
It may be crusty but it is musty.
Balls in my mouth.
Hitler was right, but it was the wrong people.
If the word fag offends you, load up your ass with lube.
You know how Pearl Harbor was the day of infamy? Why isn't the first time you have a hard on the day of erection?
Guys, hemorrhoids are awesome! They teach you so much.
You gotta add the flirt to the dirt.
Shut up, Sean.
I mean, no offense, but that was (random insult).
You ever heard of pullin' out? Well, I've heard of pullin' in. Just let it free.
I'm edgy, like the edge of a razor blade.
I like heroin.
Sean likes archives like I like sex: nice and dirty.
My wiener is on fire. I think I have herpes.
I think everyone should experience a good nut every once in a while.
You know how history records the greatest events? Why don't they record the greatest nuts? Where's Franklin D. Roosevelt's BJ? I wanna know how great that was.
Children are cringe gold mines.
If you're older than 12, don't ever jump in a child's toy, if you do, just kill yourself. Just do it.
Did you know that you can do stretches that allow you to suck your own dick?
If you don't nut at least once a month, then there's something wrong with you.

Nathan Brandon
Everyone must sacrifice something. I will give up my most famous goat.

Weston Simpson
Sorry, I have AIDS.
The drama department is a meme machine.

Jake Brannon
Love is weird, man.
I remember the good ol' days when you could kill somebody and no one cared.