Primary Market
Clients - creative and inventive members of the general public
Servers - good programmers who need ideas

Windows - macOS - Linux - iOS - Android

During the First Golden Age of Nosiphus, Wyatt created an idea to have an invention center somewhere on the Minecraft server. Sean has decided to translate this idea into an app. There are a lot of members of the general public who have great ideas but do not know how to code, and there are a lot of programmers who aren't very creative. A person could post an idea as a suggestion, and a programmer could pick up on the idea and develop it for them. It could be any type of coded project, whether that is a phone app, a Windows, macOS, or Linux desktop application, a mod for a game, a proper game, or anything in particular. The app would recommend to programmers to open source the code so that many people can contribute to a single project at once. 

A suggestion has been made to expand the application to have non-programming ideas as well. Expansion beyond the programming realm has been something we've considered, but only now has the idea actually launched.